My favorite trek in Nepal

Without a doubt, my favorite trek in Nepal is Pike Peak (prounced ‘Pi-kay’), located in the Solu Region.  

There are two main trekking areas in the Everest area, Solu and Khumbu.  Solu is less traveled than Khumbu and that makes it less spoiled by tourism.  Khumbu, on the other hand, is one of the busiest trekking routes in the world. Solu is even more special because there are few trekking routes where you can enjoy the culture of the Sherpa people. This area is below the Numbur Himal.

I love this trek because it goes through my village, Basa (in the lower center of the map). I have done it five times already! You can see different cultures, different kinds of wild birds, many types of trees and flowers during Spring. The landscape is impressive and you can see Mount Everest and many more Himalayan ranges. You then realize how majestic these mountains are. It is amazing and breathtaking.  You’ll never be the same after seeing this.

This is a 15 day trek. I like to have one “rest day” in Basa because it is an opportunity for me to show you a lot of natural things like vegetation and you can witness how people live in their daily life. The best seasons for trekking are Spring and Fall. You definitely want to avoid the monsoon season.

Here are some villages you go through during the trek: Jiri, Siwalaya, Dewrali, Bhandar, Chaulakharka, Taktor, Junbesi, Rigmo Taksindo, Nunthala, Basa, Sarima, Mulkharka, and Phaplu.  Phaplu is the airport that is used to fly back to Kathmandu.

This trek is not a difficult one, but you need to know that, like anywhere in the Himalayas you will have to walk up hill and down hill. We don’t really know what “flat” means!

What I like the most is that you can see Mount Everest from Pike Peak. So not only you achieve something by summiting a 4065 meter peak, but you get an awesome reward: seeing the top of the world!

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  2. Chris Taylor says:

    I look forward to reading your blog, Buddi. Thank you for being a great guide for us.

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